Inline Weighing Filling Machine


  1. Adopt weight scale-based principle to achieve high filling accuracy.
  2. Filling method is based on filling level.
  3. Product will be placed on load cell. Machine will stop filling once the pre-set weight is reached.
  4. Each filling head has the weighing and feedback system.
  5. Load cell indicator to show product filling weight individually.
  6. Highly user-friendly touch screen makes operation convenient to operate.
  7. Equipped with stainless steel drip tray to avoid liquid drop at the machine.
  8. Equipped with front and back stopper to ensure smooth filling flow.
  9. Optional requirements:
    • Hot Fill
    • All contact parts made of stainless-steel 316
Name Inline Weighing Filling Machine
No. of Nozzles 8; 10
Filling Range 10 L – 25 L
Filling Speed Jerry Can
10 L – Up to 800 bottles per hour
20 L – Up to 650 bottles per hour
25 L – Up to 550 bottles per hour
Filling Accuracy ±0.20% – 0.25% (Subject to Filling Volume)
Suitable Filling Product Edible oil and chemical liquid
Weight 1000KG
Electricity 415v 3phase 50Hz + Neutral
Air Supply 5 – 6 bar