Rotary Bottle Rinsing Machine


  1. To wash and clean glass or plastic bottles.
  2. Different rising type to choose
    • Hot water
    • Steam
    • Compressed are
  3. Machine incorporates with inbuilt conveyor, infeed screw worm, bottle gripper and start wheel for smooth rinsing flow.
  4. Special rubber gripper to reduce risk of damage bottle.
  5. No bottle no rinse system
  6. Optional with different change part for different size bottle.
Name Rotary Bottle Rinsing Machine
No. of Nozzles 16; 24; 30
Rinsing Speed Up to 200 bpm
Filling Accuracy ±0.20% – 0.25% (Subject to Filling Volume)
Weight 500KG
Electricity 15amp 415v 3phase 50Hz + Neutral
Air Supply 5 – 6 bar
Water Consumption ± 80 L – 150 L per hour