Rotary Gravity Filling & Capping Machine


  1. High speed filling and capping with one unit machine.
  2. Filling for thin liquid with consistent viscosity.
  3. Suitable for food & beverage, cleaning and specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries for various filling projects.
  4. This machine fills to a target fill height rather than volumetrically.
  5. Highly user-friendly touch screen makes operation convenient to operate.
  6. Filling Machine
    • Constant fill level
    • High speed up to 12,000 bottles per hour
    • No bottle no fill system
  7. Capping Machine
    • Cap bowl & cap chute to vibrating cap loading system and reverse cap return function
    • Pick and place capping system
    • No bottle no cap system
    • Adjustable cap torque for fine and smooth capping operation
  8. Optional requirements:
    • Hot Fill
    • Cap Elevator
    • Change part for different bottle and cap size
    • All contact parts made of stainless-steel 316
Name Rotary Gravity Filling & Capping Machine
No. of Nozzles 16; 24; 30
No. of Capper Head 6; 10; 10
Filling Range 250 ml – 1 L
Filling Speed Up to 200 bpm (Subject to Filling Volume)
Filling Accuracy ±2 mm – 3 mm
Weight 2000KG
Electricity 415v 3phase 50Hz + Neutral
Air Supply 5 – 6 bar