Rotary Vacuum Filling & Capping Machine


  1. High speed filling and capping with one unit machine.
  2. Filling for thick liquid with consistent viscosity.
  3. Suitable for thick sauces like dark soya sauce, spaghetti paste and etc.
  4. This machine fills to a target fill height rather than volumetrically.
  5. Highly user-friendly touch screen makes operation convenient to operate.
  6. Filling Machine
    • Operated with “filling under negative pressure” with adjustable vacuum in the filled bottle.
    • Constant fill level
    • High speed up to 8,600 bottles per hour
    • No bottle no fill system
  7. Capping Machine
    • Cap bowl & cap chute to vibrating cap loading system and reverse cap return function
    • Pick and place capping system
    • No bottle no cap system
    • Adjustable cap torque for fine and smooth capping operation
  8. Optional requirements:
    • Cap Elevator
    • Change part for different bottle and cap size
    • All contact parts made of stainless-steel 316
Name Rotary Vacuum Filling & Capping Machine
No. of Nozzles 16; 24; 30
No. of Capper Head 6; 8; 10
Filling Range 250 ml – 1 L
Filling Speed Up to 200 bpm (Subject to Filling Volume)
Filling Accuracy ±2 mm – 3 mm
Weight 500KG
Electricity 415v 3phase 50Hz + Neutral
Air Supply 5 – 6 bar