Front & Back Labelling Machine


  1. Labelling on rectangular, oval, or other irregular shaped bottles.
  2. Highly user-friendly touch screen makes operation convenient to operate.
  3. Servo driven Label Applicator to achieve high speed and high accuracy.
  4. Design feature to make sure high precise and smooth labelling on bottles.
    • Alignment chain belt to align bottles in a center line before entering label applicator.
    • Servo top press belt synchronised speed with main conveyor to make sure bottle in straight position for labelling process.
  5. Optional label sensor for detection of transparent label and glossy label.
  6. Optional wrap-around station device to do round bottle labelling with the same machine.
  7. Optional TIJ printer or TTO Printer for date coding in the labels.
Model S20
Name Front & Back Labelling Machine
Labelling Speed 60 – 150 bpm
Labelling Precision ± 1 mm
Product size Width: 30-114mm, Height: ≤300mm
Weight 300KG
Electricity 220VAC±5% 50Hz